SevenPoint2’s 7.2 Cares Program Teams Up with Australia’s Sydney Swans Football Team for the Longest Kick Contest and Donates $2,600 to the Ynot Help Foundation

When SevenPoint2 learned of the Ynot Help Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting and assisting families experiencing financial difficulties from tragedies and life-threatening illnesses, the company sought out an opportunity to help through their 7.2 Cares program. This lead initiative lead the company to the Sydney Swans Australian Football League.

Three talented kickers from Sydney Swans were eager to accept the challenge for the Longest Kick Contest. The fundraiser was held to benefit the Ynot Help Foundation, and for every meter kicked, SevenPoint2 would donate $5 on behalf of the 7.2 Cares program.

The kickers, powered by 7.2, took their place and gave it their best shot. Harry Cunningham won the longest kick with 176 meters, Gary Rohan measured 174 meters and Nick Davis scored 170 meters, totalling an impressive 520 meters.

While Harry may have won the longest kick, the real winner was the Ynot Help Foundation and the families they support. The organization received $5 for every meter of the 520 total meters kicked for a generous donation of $2,600 from SevenPoint2’s 7.2 Cares program.

About SevenPoint2 and 7.2 Cares
As a global leader in the wellness industry, SevenPoint2, has a mission to help people live better, healthier, more fulfilling lives. With this mission at the heart of the company, 7.2 Cares was established, to give back to communities worldwide to create positive and long-lasting impacts.

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