greens and green caps“I have heard that the Greens products contain more of the eyesight supporting nutrient Zeaxanthin than is found in many of the leading sight vitamins on the market.  Is this true?”
There are many different supplements on the market that are intended to support eye health.  Many of them contain synthetically produced bioflavonoids such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  Many health care professionals recommend obtaining these, instead, from green leafy vegetables since the nutrients in plant-based whole foods are better absorbed by our bodies.

“Will the 7.2 Greens give me diarrhea? How about the 7.2 Green Caps?”

Green leafy vegetables are both nutritious and detoxifying and they help the digestive track develop a healthy microbiome. Individuals that are not accustomed to consuming greens or concentrated greens may briefly experience loose stools or gas.  This passes quickly as the body moves towards a better state of health.

“How many 7.2 Green Caps equals one scoop of the 7.2 Greens powder? Do I need the Green Caps if I take the Greens Powder?”

Four (4) Green Caps are equivalent to 1 scoop of Greens Powder. The recommended dosage of the Green caps is 2 capsules once or twice daily. Many people take more if there are dietary needs or health issues which make a higher dose advisable. You can take either or both of the products, it is up to you!

“What is the difference between 7.2 Greens and 7.2 Green Caps?”

There are 2 simple differences: all the flavoring ingredients and the alfalfa which are present in the 7.2 Greens powder are absent in the 7.2 Green Caps. While 7.2 Greens and 7.2 Greens Caps both offer the health benefits of greens, they represent two completely different delivery methods. It is really a question of application, not benefit. One is convenient for blending and mixing, and one is convenient for taking “on the go” or when a blender is not available.

7.2 Greens powder tastes great and blends very easily as a result of the flavor blend and the fiber blend of the product. 7.2 Greens are the perfect compliment to 7.2 Shake!

7.2 Green Caps on the other hand are in capsule form. The capsules are concentrated (4 times) over the 7.2 Greens. One main difference between the two products is the amount of fiber contained per serving. Green Caps are “concentrated” by naturally removing fiber from the greens. If you look closely, you can actually see that the 7.2 Green Caps are a brighter and denser green color than the more fiber rich 7.2 Greens powder.

“Can I safely give the Greens products to my kids?”

Yes! In fact, many parents have a special affinity for the 7.2 Greens product because kids love it (and they are getting high quality vegetable servings). 7.2 Greens also lends a fruity, delicious taste boost to the 7.2 Shake which kids love.

“Are there any interactions between the Greens products and prescription medications?”

Some prescription blood thinners such as Warfarin may be affected by the vitamin K contained in green leafy vegetables.  Individuals taking prescription blood thinners should consult with their doctor to determine the appropriate amount of green leafy vegetables, or equivalent, that they should be consuming per day based on their particular needs.

“Can you tell me more about the ingredients in the 7.2 Green Caps?”

Yes! Here is a video with Dr. Howard Cohn discussing the ingredients in 7.2 Green Caps: