“Is 7.2 Shake safe for diabetics?”7.2 shake

7.2 Shake is an excellent nutritional choice for diabetics. It is made from premium plant-based protein. It is low glycemic and will not contribute to elevated blood sugar readings.

“Will 7.2 Shake interact with prescription medications?”

7.2 Shake is an all natural, non-GMO product that is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and egg free. It has no known interactions with medications.

“Can the protein in 7.2 Shake support my body as I fight a chronic disease state?”

7.2 Shake is a premium plant-based protein product with a complete amino acid profile. It is superior to meat, easier to metabolize, and alkalizing. It’s a great choice for providing the body with basic building blocks to facilitate cellular health.

“Does it really matter what types of protein and other ingredients are in my protein shake?”
Yes! CLICK HERE to watch a video of Dr. Howard Cohn discussing the more common dangerous ingredients often found in commercial protein shakes.