Here are 6 simple expert tips on how to eat your Thanksgiving meal strategically so you feel indulgent without overdoing it.

Eat 3 meals – Keep your body balanced by planning to eat 3 meals or snacks on Thanksgiving day, including the main meal. If you starve yourself by waiting for the main meal, then you’ll end up ravenously hungry and you’ll blow your mindful eating plan. A smoothie with 7.2 Shake would make a perfect mini meal.

Burn calories to offset eating calories – Get moving! Grab a family member or friend and take a walk before your Thanksgiving meal. Or round-up teams to play a family-friendly game of football before dessert so you feel better about earning your piece of pie. Don’t forget to take Recovery with HydroFX to help you recover faster post-exercise!

Make healthy swaps – Make modern twists on traditional dishes. Reduce sugar, fat and/or calories by making simple healthy swaps in your side dishes. Take 7.2 Greens to help feel energized and well-balanced.

Nosh on your favorites – Don’t feel like you have to eat everything served for the Thanksgiving meal! Focus on eating your most favorite dishes instead. Fill in nutritional gaps with organic raw vegetables found in 7.2 Green Caps.

Practice portion control – Be mindful of the portions you are taking, savor each bite and stop eating when you are full. Pace yourself so you can enjoy all the bountiful foods the Thanksgiving meal has to offer. You can take Curb to help promote a healthy appetite before your main meal.

Go back for a second helping – Seriously, do it! Just be conscientious of your portions and only take the foods of which you really want seconds. You can use a smaller salad plate for your second trip to the buffet to help you keep your second portions reasonable. After your Thanksgiving meal and before bedtime, make sure you take Alkaline Booster to help balance your body and get a restful night’s sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving from SevenPoint2! Enjoy!

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