FETCH Pack Leaders Dedicate 7.2 Cares Day to Animal Shelter Rescue Missions

SevenPoint2 FETCH pack leaders gives a happy + healthy life to shelter dogs through FETCH with HydroFX®, the newest scientific breakthrough dog supplement

7.2 Cares Day goes to the dogs! In two separate animal shelter rescue missions, FETCH pack leaders team up to help care for, foster and adopt at-risk dogs to align with the official launch of the newly-released SevenPoint2 dog supplement, FETCH with HydroFX®.

Through the FETCH Cares Foundation, a division of 7.2 Cares, SevenPoint2 provides FETCH to dogs who aren’t fortunate to belong to loving families — yet. As these dogs patiently wait in animal shelters for their fur-ever homes, SevenPoint2 extends a helping paw by volunteering on-site and donating complimentary bottles of FETCH to help keep shelter dogs happy and healthy.

FETCH with HydroFX is a Veterinarian-recommended, patented hydrogen formula with powerful antioxidants to support a dog’s skin, fur, energy plus joints and function.* With all-natural vegan beef flavor and dog-friendly and allergy-free formula, FETCH is easy-to-chew and easy-to-digest for any dog, especially for dogs frail and weak from poor conditions.


In honor of 7.2 Cares Day on July 2, 2017, the rescue mission took on a whole new meaning when a team of FETCH pack leaders adopted dogs from run-down animal shelters. During the first rescue, Kristy Applegate, Brenda VanRossmin and Shayna Howitz focused their efforts on saving a mother dog and her four pups who were in poor health and in danger living at a kill-shelter in California.

rescue mission 5


rescue mission 1


rescue mission 8

The mother dog was immediately given FETCH who was severely underweight, undernourished and had thinning fur. Shayna said, “It is a heart-warming, miracle story! This poor Mother just gave birth to puppies, was in poor health and helpless in a run-down animal shelter. If it weren’t for the rescue efforts of our team, I don’t know where she or her pups would be today. I can’t believe the difference in quality of life the Mother dog now has because of FETCH. I am so happy that we were able to place her and her puppies into a safe, loving and caring fur-ever home to live!”

rescue mission 7

WATCH the Rescue Mission in action!

The second rescue is thanks to Marion Levi and her husband who rescued an animal shelter dog, whom they lovingly named Teddy. “Ever since we rescued Teddy and gave him FETCH, he is just the happiest dog. Look, you can even see the smile on his face!,” said Marion. The couple plans to have Teddy be their FETCH mascot as they build their business around the highly sharable, highly sought-after dog supplement.

rescue mission 2

A big 7.2 Cares thank you goes out to our fearless FETCH pack leaders and their kindness to help others in need — whether it be fur-friends or human friends. If you have a FETCH Tale to share with us, please submit your rescue story or FETCH testimonial to woof@gofetchfordogs.com.

For more information on 7.2 Cares Day, visit sevenpoint2.com or learn more about FETCH with HydroFX at gofetchfordogs.com.

*This product is not intended to be used for the curing of diseases or serious physical ailments experienced by your pet.