When joining SevenPoint2, we knew there was a business opportunity and liked the idea that we could share an awesome range of products that actually made a difference and changed people’s lives. We made a major decision to sell our other business and open The Wellness Shop in Albany where we are able to help people on a daily basis improve their health and wellness. Being involved with SevenPoint2 as practitioners we were able to consult with clients and promote the SevenPoint2 range. However, it was not until November last year that we decided to build the SevenPoint2 business. Diamond Team Leader Joe Rogister visited Perth and I went along with another Associate who had just joined our team. It was Joe’s presentation and a subsequent personal meeting with him that changed my thinking and motivation to work the residual income side of the business.

With the help of different team leaders in our up line we have held several local information sessions to educate and promote the benefits of alkalinity and the SevenPoint2 product range. Very quickly we started to build a team who we are constantly working with to change people’s lives one person at a time.

The support from our up line team leaders has been amazing. Even though we are in a small town four and a half hours south of our capital city, our leaders are only a phone call away for any questions or support that we need. The customer service staff at the head office always do their best to accommodate any questions raised.

The training that we have received through the Leadership Calls and Wellness calls has been excellent. Being on the calls and attending the events wherever possible is really important not only for education and keeping up with the latest information, but the regular contact helps with keeping up enthusiasm.

One of the best things that I am finding with helping people with SevenPoint2 is that it does not feel like work at all – when you truly love and are passionate about what you are doing you don’t tire. The best reward is that you are helping others each day and truly making a difference to their lives and this is such an awesome reward and feeling to know that you have facilitated this.