The primary factor that made me choose to build a business with SevenPoint2 is the opportunity to create a legacy income and to create a dream lifestyle I want for my family. Secondarily is to tap on the greatest shift in spending within the Wellness industry: The Alkaline Movement by building a massive international organization with its breakthrough product lines.

The combination of Molecular Hydrogen in 7.2 Recovery and the alkaline product lines is perfectly brilliant – a true category-creator. That’s why working the business has never been so easy as it is today. People love the 7.2 products.
Since becoming an Associate with SevenPoint2, my life including my family has never been the same. Money issues do not bother us anymore. SevenPoint2 has tremendously improved our lives financially, our relationship as a family has deepened, and we now have more time together. We are forever grateful for SevenPoint2 coming into our lives.

I and my family use the 7.2 products religiously. It has helped us in maintaining our vibrant and full of energy lifestyle. I also enjoy sharing with people a lot of powerful testimonials of hundreds of people who have tried the products. Their experiences are life-changing.

Network marketing, like any business model, has a science and has a proven formula for success. We just have to learn, follow and execute. My “secret to success” is the implementation of a 90-Day Game Plan. I always impart to my team that “90 days of Pain lead to a Lifetime of Gain.” Activity is the mother of all success. Massive activity equals massive success. The faster you learn, the faster you earn. Learning through 7.2 University keeps me focused, driven and goal-oriented. Training is a key element of success.