Is it time for you to rethink your drink for better health? Beverages, even so-called healthy drinks, can contain hidden sugars and calories which may wreak havoc on your body. Sugar spikes insulin and can make your body crave more sweets, often leading to gaining weight and other health challenges. A good rule of thumb is not to drink your calories, unless it is part of your weight loss diet or being used as a meal replacement.

Favorite popular coffee drinks, smoothies, sodas, juices and milk all contain higher levels of sugar and calories than most people think. The American Heart Association recommends women consume no more than 24 grams of sugar per day and for men to consume no more than 36 grams of sugar per day. The scary part is some of the most popular drinks on the market contain that amount of sugar in just one serving!

It’s easy to go over the allotted daily sugar intake recommendation, especially when added sugars are the culprit, but thankfully there’s better alternatives to these detrimental drinks. Instead, try filtered water, fresh fruit-infused water and unsweetened tea. Refreshing and body-friendly, these drinks can help you stay hydrated without adding to your daily sugar allotment.

7.2 alkaline nutrition plant-based products are also a great way to help you stay healthy and keep your body pH balanced with low calories and only 1-2 grams of natural sugar sources. 7.2 Shake, 7.2 Greens and 7.2 HydroFX for Water are perfect options and mixes easily in water plus tastes great! These plant-based products promote a healthy lifestyle and provide many health benefits.

Are you curious to see if your drink makes the cut? Check out this video that highlights how much sugar is in popular drinks. You may be surprised! If you have any of these sugar-laden unfavorable drinks in your fridge, it’s time to rethink your drink, and toss them out! Your body and health will thank you.