SevenPoint2 Korea hosted its premier event on July 2, 2016 with 7.2 Day, a grand opening and training special event, to commemorate the official opening of the new SevenPoint2 offices in Seoul, South Korea. The new offices are larger with a better location and feature branded interior design, health check units and offers support to Team Leaders for meeting space, enrollment support, trainings and product order pick up.

Upwards of 100 attendees traveled for miles around from the cities of Busan, Deajeon, Jeunju and Incheon to attend this highly anticipated event. The event kicked off with a seminar based on the power of laughing and healing followed by a series of SevenPoint2 trainings and presentations.

Andy Yi, General Manager SevenPoint2 Korea, announced a new and exciting marketing system for the Korean market. Yi introduced the members of the Social Marketers team and explained the 7 steps to success. He also introduced 7.2 Cares, a new SevenPoint2 Corporate global initiative to give back to the community.

DJ Ahn, Black Diamond Team Leader, presented launch of 7.2 Curb, the newest product to enter the Korean market and spoke about the timing and concepts of the new business building programs. Yong Ki Kim, Ruby Team Leader, spoke to the benefits of the 7.2 alkaline wellness products and health and weight loss made simple programs. The trainings continued with a company overview from Jason Boreyko, C.E.O. and Co-Founder, Tara Boreyko’s Alkaline Trio presentation, Associate’s testimonials and an announcement of the 7.2 Day special promotion.

The event concluded with special gifts for the attendees followed by a catered dinner and tour of the new offices. The event was very well-received by attendees and positions SevenPoint2 Korea for success.