June 8, 2016 marked the opening of the SevenPoint2 Stockist Training Center in Cebu, a beautiful island province of the Philippines. The modern offices are located in Vibo Place, a trendy shopping, restaurant and entertainment district in Cebu City.

Michael Saunders, Ruby Team Leader says, “The official opening of the office was a proud moment for Aniana Boliche Briones (Ruby Team Leader) and me. Our dreams have become a reality. Members can now visit the office for product order pickup, attend and host presentations, plus receive training to fast track their business. We have already seen an increase in inactive members returning to develop their futures with SevenPoint2.”

The official opening was blessed by a local Priest and witnessed by 30 SevenPoint2 leaders, including pivotal Diamond Team Leader, T. Hector Seva Paraba and his wife, Yang, from Davao, Philippines. The opening ceremony was followed by a luncheon and training session of the new fast track bonus system for the months of June through August.

“We see this Training Center as an investment to provide a networking platform for local SevenPoint2 Members. It serves as a meeting place to share ideas, learn from one another and encourage business leaders, says Jason Boreyko, Co-Founder and C.E.O, “I’m very proud of the team on another successful opening.”

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