Congratulations to John Lawrence, the Grand Prize winner of the 2016 Celebrate 7 Contest! He lost an impressive 56 pounds using the 7.2 weight loss made simple products and program. John dropped the pounds he set out to lose plus significantly decreased his body mass index.

John’s amazing reward as Grand Prize winner is a 3-day trip to sunny Newport Beach, California where he will be celebrating reaching his weight loss goals and winning the Contest. He will also receive $1,000, a day at the renown Cohn Health Institute and dinner with the SevenPoint2 Executive Team.

With the help of the Celebrate 7 Contest, John has made a total transformation in the way he approaches health and eating. He says, “I feel in control by using the 7.2 products, following the simple weight loss program and learning about alkaline wellness and how it benefits my body. Being a restaurant server, I’m always around really good food. The temptation is always there and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to lose weight, and if I did, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep off. I am happy to say that my weight loss has been more of a success than I ever could have imagined!”

John offers encouragement to others who want to lose weight and goes on to say, “This was never considered a diet for me. It’s a welcomed and much-needed lifestyle change instead. I never feel deprived, the program is flexible and I have more natural energy than I ever experienced before. I also notice that I don’t have joint discomfort like I had in the past. * The Contest was the motivation I needed to get my health on-track. The Weight Loss Made Simple program guided me to make healthy lifestyle changes that will stick with me and the products were very satisfying and helped me drop the weight. Reaching my goal and feeling amazing is the best reward! This whole experience has given me an opportunity to share my story with others and help them get to a better, healthier place in life.”

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