Australia’s most renown urban pop dance group and recording artists, Justice Crew, joins SevenPoint2 to create a powerhouse partnership. Justice Crew won first place on the popular T.V. show, Australia’s Got Talent in 2010 when they astonished crowds with their uniquely talented performance. They quickly gained a loyal fan-base and caught the attention of music industry leaders.

Justice Crew members, Lukas ‘Wildrok’ Bellesini, Samson Smith, Solo Tohi, Len Pearce, John Pearce and Paul Merciadez, have used their unique talent to work their way to the top enjoying success with two #1 multi-platinum singles. They also support world famous music icons such as One Direction, Pitbull, Ke$ha and Janet Jackson to name a few. Bringing entertainment, energy and youthfulness to the stage is what Justice Crew does best.

Their talent includes unbelievable flips, tricks, dancing and singing. The physical demands of practice and extensive travel for tours all over the world — sometimes with up to 25 shows in one month’s span — requires extra TLC. Justice Crew chooses to be powered by 7.2 alkaline wellness products to help keep them energized plus be able to perform better and recover faster.

“We are proud and pumped to jump on board with SevenPoint2 to promote healthy and happy living. We love that the 7.2 products are top of the range organic, vegan and non-GMO! Let the good times flow!” says, Lukas ‘Wildrok’ Bellesini.

Please join us in welcoming Justice Crew  to SevenPoint2!

Watch Justice Crew in action with their music video “I Love My Life” at