Kjell Villamil PlatinumMy foray into SevenPoint2® was not by design, but was brought about by fortunate chance. My mother was introduced to SevenPoint2® by a relative who told my mother that there was a new product, a food supplement known as SevenPoint2® that’s being introduced in the market that day and that if we were interested we could attend it. My mother and father attended and there they learned about the beneficial effects and advantages of using 7.2 products. That started my father and mother taking trio pack products. And the effect was immediate. The discomfort in my mother’s toes & hands disappeared; and my father likewise felt better moving around.

Because of the positive results they experienced, it occurred to me that in addition to my parents feeling relief I could also help others by sharing the 7.2 products,  and I could make a business of SevenPoint2® by becoming an Associate. This decision led me into establishing a business using SevenPoint2® as the main attraction and center piece. Since joining SevenPoint2®, my life has radically changed. I now have a lucrative business, and I get the satisfaction derived from helping people to maintain and regain their health.

To help people past any hesitation they may have in trying the product, I refer them to various glowing personal testimonials of people who have taken the 7.2 products and who have been relieved of their physical ills and difficulties. The secret of my success lies in the strength of the product itself and the testimonies of people who have used the product and regained their health.

My attending seminars and trainings and seminars has greatly enhanced and amplified my knowledge of the products and their benefits. Consequently, I have been able to share SevenPoint2® with great confidence.