I was amazed to hit the rank of Platinum Team Leader!  I want to thank the Company for bringing SevenPoint2 and the amazing 7.2 products to the Philippines. I chose to build the SevenPoint2 business because I love the products so much; they are unique, effective and easy to market.

Since I joined the company, my life has changed through spreading the good news about the products. The primary beneficiary is my family. I make them healthy and happy because I have more time to spend with them, and I am able to give them the things that they need. Before SevenPoint2, I was unable to buy the things they wanted, because of my small budget. But now, my extra income is much more than I earned on my previous company.

The secret of my success in SevenPoint2  is patience, and believing in myself even when nobody else will. And even more, the good things that I learn through attending seminars and training is helping  me to be more familiar with the products and how to improve my presentation to people.