Donating Pound for Pound

Oscar Alcoser took his personal weight loss challenge to another level when he decided to donate 7.2 pounds of food to a local food bank for every pound he lost during his Celebrate 7 Weight Loss Contest!

Starting off his challenge, Oscar had a goal to drop 15 pounds and he did that and more! Oscar lost 21 visceral pounds and feels better than he has in a long time. He says, “At my age, the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple Program is not only helping me lose weight but it’s increasing my energy, stamina and recovery in my workouts.”

He credits his success to his wife, Carrie Jo, for her love and support, his SevenPoint2 Legacy Team for encouragement, his own desire to be healthier plus his commitment to helping people in his community with their food needs. Oscar chose to support the cause of Meridian Food Bank in Meridian, Idaho.

Meridian Food Bank

From his generosity, Oscar collected 151 total pounds of food to donate which was able to feed help feed the food bank’s mission of 1,000 people each week. SevenPoint2 was inspired by Oscar’s initiative, and through the 7.2 Cares charitable program, SevenPoint2 matched Oscar’s donations pound for pound. Between both donation efforts, the amount of food donated to the Meridian Food Bank grand totaled 302 pounds.

celebrate 7 weight loss contest food bank donation

celebrate 7 weight loss sontest food bank donation

Oscar says, “Losing weight and feeling great both inside and out, is a happy feeling. I improved the quality of my life and the opportunity to improve the quality of other’s lives as well. Helping people is a passion of mine and it was the motivation I wanted to help me achieve my own personal weight loss goals. And the fact that 7.2 Cares matched my donations just shows how great this company really is.”

Oscar & Dan

celebrate 7 weight loss contest food bank donation

celebrate 7 weight loss contest food bank donation

To support Oscar on his weight loss journey, he focused on the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple Program plus additional Recovery with HydroFX to support his performance and recovery before and after his workouts. “All of the 7.2 products worked together to help me balance my body and take off the pounds. I remember getting positive comments about my appearance during the challenge, which really helped keep me focused and motivated. While I look better physically, I know I’m healthier, too, and that’s a big deal for me, especially since health concerns are all too real at my age,” says Oscar.

We are so proud of Oscar for taking charge of his health and not only feeling good but doing good for a cause, too! Congratulations to Oscar for being the $1,000 prize July winner of the Celebrate 7 Weight Loss Contest!

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