Pamela Griffiths I was initially a SevenPoint2 product user, and the products helped to make a huge difference to my quality of life. When my friends and family started noticing the difference in my physical body and energy they wanted to know me what I was doing. Without even trying, I was building a business!

When I meet with a new person, I let them know how much the products have helped me. I truly believe that my enthusiasm for the products and for the business have helped me achieve what I have.

Trainings and events have been crucial to my success in SevenPoint2. I make it a point to go to trainings whenever I can, sometimes driving several hours to get there. I have had the privilege of meeting Phillip Townsend and Dr Cohn at live events. I also try to be on all of the Leadership Calls, and I find that every bit of information and each testimony I hear is helpful and very encouraging. We are planning to run Super Saturday’s once a month in Perth, and I have put my hand up to be a part of the organising of these events!