SevenPoint2 kicked off 7.2 Cares Day on July 2, 2016 with SevenPoint2 Tempe-based corporate employees visiting Marc Community Resources, Inc. in Mesa, Arizona, where they toured the Production Services sector. While on location, SevenPoint2 staff provided 7.2 product, brochures and more for assembly to help support the organization. Efforts to supply the program with new production equipment is in the works.

In operation since 1957, Marc Community Resources, Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation. Marc provides educational, therapeutic, rehabilitation and social services to children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities and behavioral health challenges. There are 60 programs within Marc including housing facilities, transportation services, chemical abuse programs and production services.

“It is in our company’s foundation to help people and we feel it is so important to give back to the community. Marc aligns with our core values and we are proud to support this organization who is making a huge difference in these people’s lives.” says Jason Boreyko, C.E.O. and Co-Founder.

Daniel Cortes, C.F.O & Co-Founder, was among those who visited Marc and says, “It was a memorable experience to visit Marc’s Production Services to see first-hand the impact the organization has on the people in our community. The clients working within the program are providing quality services to businesses like SevenPoint2, and in turn, we are able to support their efforts to keep the program going to help their clients live more enriched lives.”

“The support we receive from companies like SevenPoint2 helps us reach our goals for our clients. We are so grateful for our partners, without these business partnerships, we would not be in operation,” says Sam Henry, Marc ERS Production Services Manager. With an average of 140 individual clients at each of their 3 campus locations around the Phoenix Valley, Henry says, “Our mission in the production services program is to teach individuals a skilled trade and place them into employment within the community.”

Many of the Marc clients take their newly-appointed trade skills and seamlessly transition into employment within the community where they are active and upstanding employees. Quality is Marc’s #1 priority with layers of assurance measures in place to provide 100% satisfaction to their business partners. With one-stop shopping services such as shipping, assembly, correlating, shrink wrapping, coding and more, Marc is able to provide these sought-after services to business partners while providing a well-rounded employment training to their clients.

“At SevenPoint2, we place the highest value on quality. From our 7.2 product ingredients to our business operations, we continually strive for the best. Knowing we are supporting a deserving organization that also centers itself on quality assurance, helps make this a really great partnership,” says Dr. Howard Cohn, C.P.O. and Co-Founder.

Quality and happiness are staples at Marc as evident from the smiles on their clients’ faces as they work together on team projects and greet staff and visitors when they pass through the production area. Larry Horn, Production Services Supervisor says, “We appreciate it when our business partners take the time to stop by for a tour. The staff and our clients love visitors. They like to share what they are working on and they take pride in their projects — it shows on their faces.”

Horn goes on to share, “This is by far the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Our clients are so happy to work here and to learn valuable life skills. It also affords them things that they normally wouldn’t have been able to earn giving them a sense of self-worth and purpose in their lives. Everyone deserves to feel like that.”

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