Chris Childs celebrated his impressive 40 pound weight loss with a Grand Prize trip of a lifetime to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. As a reward for his amazing physical transformation, Chris won a week-long vacation in tropical paradise from the SevenPoint2 Celebrate 7 Weight Loss Contest at the end of 2015. Chris is enjoying his leaner body with the help of the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program which helped make his journey effective and inspirational.

In the beginning of his transformational journey, Chris was carrying around extra pounds on his frame and not feeling the best in health. He knew he needed a change in his life but was wary of fad diets, extreme exercise and eating restrictions. When his son, Christian, introduced him to SevenPoint2, it was exactly the difference he had been searching for.

With a naturally powerful line of 7.2 alkaline wellness products and an easy-to-follow SevenPoint2 weight loss program, this was the motivation Chris needed to get started on his weight loss goals. With encouragement from his son, Chris experienced the difference of the 7.2 products and program plus enrolled in the Celebrate 7 Contest. Chris was so excited to see the numbers drop on the scale and he was equally ecstatic to learn he was the Grand Prize Winner of a luxury Hawaiian vacation!

chris and christian childsIn June 2016, Chris embarked on his island adventure with his son where they vacationed on the pristine beaches at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel. Chris chose to invite his son since he was the inspiration for his weight loss journey. “It was an incredibly memorable vacation, especially being with my son. It was my way of thanking him for believing in me and for caring so much about me to get me healthier,” says Chris. He continues, “We enjoyed everything about the trip! We went on a helicopter tour around the Island. We hiked in the rain forest and swam in the ocean. We even attended a traditional luau where I learned how to hula dance (a little).”

Chris stays on track with his goals no matter where in the world life takes him. He adds 7.2 Greens into his breakfast smoothie and follows up with the 7.2 Shake after his workouts or as an afternoon snack pick-me-up. Chris shares, “The program is easy to follow since the 7.2 Greens and 7.2 Shake powders travels well and can easily be mixed with water. The 7.2 products taste good and make me feel great.”

chris childs greensThrough the combination of weight loss and additional health benefits of the 7.2 alkaline products, the program has positively impacted his life by providing natural energy and more confidence because he feels better overall every day. Chris swims laps daily and has enough energy to add in a run most days. He also assists his kids in their jobs at a local grocery store by pushing shopping carts nonstop for a straight 6 hour shift. “The kids are always amazed by how much energy I have to just keep going. I can outlast them and I’m twice their age!,” says Chris.

Chris advises that the program is more than a weight loss plan. He says, “It’s a lifestyle change and one that you won’t regret making. You will find better overall health, more energy for things you want to do and the weight loss is just something that naturally happens along the way.” He encourages anyone who has lost weight as a result of the 7.2 alkaline wellness products to enter the Celebrate 7 Contest. Chris says, “The reward of weight loss and feeling better is amazing. Plus winning the prize and making lifelong memories is an added bonus.”

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