On June 22, 2016, SevenPoint2 launched Equine with HydroFX® — its newest breakthrough product. This natural dietary supplement is first-of-its kind to bring the power of hydrogen to the multi-billion dollar horse industry.

“In America, there are 9.2 million horses and 4.6 million people involved in the equestrian world which contributes to $23.3 billion in U.S. retail sales. It is a huge untapped market for our company and opens new doors for our Team Leaders,” says Jason Boreyko, C.E.O. and Co-Founder. Boreyko shares, “Entering the animal and pet nutritional supplement market is a natural extension of our 7.2 products, which help people balance their pH levels and nutrition to feel better every day.”

Equine with HydroFX helps promote alkalinity in horses’ cells and tissues and designed to boost performance plus maximize recovery. “This product uses the antioxidant power of molecular hydrogen to allow the horses to better perform at their peak levels and recover faster,” says Dr. Howard Cohn, C.P.O and Co-Founder.

Independent trials were conducted and the results are so significant that elite horse trainers are beyond impressed. Erin Howard, Head Horse Trainer and Rider at Quaker Valley Farms says, “Equine with HydroFX is incredible! We’ve tried a lot of different methods, supplements and products with our horses and I can say for sure that Equine with HydroFX makes a huge difference. The horses are more quiet, focused and they can do their job easier because they feel so much better. We are very fortunate to learn about this product and will continue to use it in our daily maintenance for our horses.”

With amazing results from this unique equine product, Philip Townsend, Senior V.P. of Field Development says, “Equine with HydroFX speaks for itself. It’s such an effective product with outstanding results. The field is very excited about this revolutionary equine supplement being added to our exceptional line of existing 7.2 products.”
Equine with HydroFX is now available! Learn more and order today at sevenpoint2.com.